I Spy Friday: Fire!

I Spy Friday Fire

The best way to spy a fire, is to make one yourself! Back in the day, growing up in the suburbs, no one had backyard fire pits. I am loving the growing trend of backyard fire pits that seems to be happening nation wide. Sullivan especially loves to have a fire in the fire pit. He will even make his own “fire” when we are outside playing. He lays the hula-hoop on the ground, gathers up sticks and branches to put inside, and then he pulls over some chairs so that he can sit and watch his “fire”. It is really cute. It is not so cute when he makes one of his “fires” inside. That usually involves dumping every toy bin he can find onto his train table, and then sitting down to enjoy his “fire”. He can make quite a mess before I realize what is going on!

Go on and have a fire night with your kids. Then come back on Sunday to learn a bit of the science behind fire. See you then!

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