Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Hen and Chick notecards

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hen and chick notecards collage
It’s always nice to receive something handmade from the kids for Mother’s Day, but dads usually don’t think in that direction, or they just simply have no idea what to do.  These hen and chick notecards are so simple that your husband will be able to easily supervise the creation of these handmade treasures, and your children will be so excited to present them to you on Mother’s Day.  A sweet handmade Mother’s Day gift from the kids to you, and an easy project for Dad and the kids to do together.  That is what I call a win, win.  If your husband doesn’t get the hint, you can make these notecards with the kids to give to your mom on Mother’s Day.  Grandmothers love handmade gifts from the grandchildren just as much as moms do.  And no, it is not a requirement that kids make these.  These notecards would serve as a wonderful handmade gift for a friend.  Everyone needs thank you notes, and it’s always fun to send unique cards.

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These hen and chick notecards are simple to make, and use items that can easily be found around the house, or purchased during a trip to Walmart.  They come together easily and look adorable.  I also like that you can make it personal by assigning the correct number of chicks to each hen depending upon who the gift is for.  I made my notecards with 3 little chicks.  (That’s the best barn I could do!)

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Gather up the following items for your project:

– Nice linen stationary paper of a heavier weight, or you could use blank notecards.  We used Wausau paper, Royal Linen in white.

-Rick Rack in various sizes and colors.  We used 1/2 inch medium Rick Rack in orange and in yellow for the Mother Hens, and 1/4 inch small Rick Rack in yellow for the baby chicks.  A red for the mother hen would be nice as well.  Larger sizes would also look nice as our baby chicks were quite small.

– Glue.  We used Elmer’s Glue-All but any white craft glue would work fine.

-Markers or crayons, and a pen.

-Size A2 envelopes for your finished notecards.

Before you bring the kids around the table for the project, do a couple of prep items first.   I forgot to take step by step pictures of this project, whoops, but it so easy I’m sure you already know what to do!  Fold your paper into quarters to make your notecards.  Snip your rick rack into Vs by cutting at each “mountain”.  Sharp sewing scissors work best for cutting the rick rack.  Now you can bring the kids over and get started.

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Have the kids color a barnyard or outdoor picture on the front of their notecards.  Sullivan is suffering from a bad cold so he had no interest in the coloring part of the project.  Instead he told me what to draw and I drew it for him.  First he told me to draw clouds and a tree, so I did.  Then he told me to draw a fence, so I did.  And finally he told me to draw him, so I did.  As you can see, I am not an artist!  (He glued on the chicks which explains why some are upside down!)Sullivan on notecard

Once the kids are done coloring their pictures have them pick out some hens and chicks from the cut rick rack.  Put a dab of glue on the paper where the hen or chick will be, and press the rick rack into the glue.  Orient the rick rack to look like a V.  One side of the V serves as the head, while the other is the tail of the hen or chick.  When the glue has dried go back and add a beak, head plumage, and tail plumage to your mother hens with a red marker or pen.  Then use a black pen or pencil to make the legs on the hens and chicks, and to make an eye for each.  And now you are done!  Use a little bit of the extra rick rack to tie the cards into a pretty little stack, and now you have a cute handmade Mother’s Day gift that cost you very little in time or money.

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If you make these sweet little notecards let me know, or pin this project to your craft board on Pinterest to try in the near future.  Have a happy Mother’s Day!

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