Mom! Can we go outside and play in the snow?

Every time I look at the weather forecast this winter it seems they are calling for more snow. And with every new snowfall comes the pleading from the kids, can we please go outside and play in the snow? Please? I want to be a mom who gives an enthusiastic yes to that question every time, but honestly, I just dread being asked the question! From experience I know that going outside in the snow is a commitment, not a casual fling! It takes us forever to get everyone dressed, the kids get cold in 10 seconds so we are back in again, and in their eagerness to move on to the next activity, a huge dripping pile of snow clothes is left in their wake. So every time the kids start asking to play in the snow, I start a mental debate over the pros and cons of embarking on this time intensive outdoor adventure. I’m sure I’m not the only mom who struggles with this same inner battle of fatigue vs. fun, so I have created this handy decision making flow chart for you. I hope you enjoy it!



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