Best Zoo Tip Ever!


Beautiful lion with open mouth in the aviary. Novosibirsk Zoo. Russia.

I have a great little tip for you today on the most perfect day of the year to go to the zoo!  I guess the introvert in me hates crowds, so I am willing to go to great lengths to avoid them.  Maybe the rest of you are not as crowd averse as I am, so this tip will not resonate, but I hope for some of you it will!  The best day to go the the zoo hands down is the morning of Day Light Savings when the clocks are moved forward by one hour.  The Pittsburgh zoo opens at 9am, daylight savings or not.  So this Sunday, when the rest of the world is struggling with the time change, we will be at the entrance to the zoo bright an early.  Yes, it will feel like 8am, so the rest of the world will still be fast asleep, but for those of us with small children who wake us up early anyhow, it will not feel so bad.  We have done this for a few years now, and it is the best.  The zoo is virtually empty of crowds, but because it is early in the morning, the animals are out and active.  One year we heard the lion give his early morning roars to the world, the sound could be heard all across the zoo, it was amazing.  We have never heard the lion roar at any other time.  Animals are early birds, so we have found it is the best time to actually see them move.  Now, March in Pittsburgh can be a bit chilly, but I know a lot of our readers are not in chilly climates.  So try it out this Sunday March 9th, play hooky from church, make a family day out of it, and then report back to me.  How was your early morning trip to the zoo?

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